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 I got tired of my old user name... behold, my new reality...

Seriously, though... this one is much better.

And if anyone could give me a hand, I need some help fixing my journal... the CSS got messed up while I was gone and I can't quite figure out how to fix it.
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Jones. Ianto Jones.

I named my new teddy bear (yes, I'm twenty years old and just received a new teddy bear) Mr. Jones in honor the late Ianto Jones. The BBC smashing series Torchwood has been a source of unending and unique entertainment since its inception. However, in light of the death of my favourite character, I cannot help but feel the loss on a more personal level (I cried... I did... although, not quiet as much as when Jack fried his grandson or during the implementation of poor government-puppet John's solution to save his family). The dynamic between Ianto Jones and Jack Harkness provided a relationship that did not overtake the story's progress but certainly offered enough interest to maintain a substantial following. Without Ianto, or even Jack for that matter, I am certain that after Children of Earth, if Torchwood is to continue, the show may not change for the better.

But, who am I to judge - RTD is the mastermind and I shouldn't complain; yet, you can't stop a girl from dreaming. Here's to the wish that Ianto Jones returns and restores Torchwood to its glory! (And let's not forget that he needs to save Jack from his remorse.)

(Oh, I've no qualms about adding Martha Jones and Mickey Smith to the Torchwood roster to fill in the gaps, by the way... but hey, that's just my thought - the idea was catchy.)
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To Better Days, House.

This is what I get for being me... *sighs* I'm having a really bad week, phsyical and mentally, thanks to me being me. Hormones... what can I say - House can't fix this.
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Lack Thereof..

I feel dream-deprived today... for the life of me, I was unabled to sleep last night. The clock mocked me - one o'clock... two o'clock... three... Neck and back aching, my body tossed and twisted, chasing whatever dream. Enough was enough around 5 AM, I recall - so, I must now thank Tylenol PM. Thank you.
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More than meets the eye...

Transformers... good midnight showing but very freaky dreams last night. *sighs*
There are nights that sleeping isn't just worth it, but at the same time, my life would be boring without them.
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I've been missing in action for so long... so, time to shake things up a bit.

The insanity continues in the day to day life.
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Fallen far...

I'm not quite healed from Wednesday... my friend and I went trick-or-treating... I've got blisters on both the bottoms and sides of my feet plus the muscles in my right hip are a little strained - I had to phsyically pick up my leg just to move and man did it hurt...

The pain's hardly a nuisance any more, although still there... I didn't eat much candy and I did get a rather strenuous workout... *sighs*

Along with this, my friend "made" me watch The Boondock Saints movie... not bad, but I didn't find it as amusing as she did, apparently...

Next to this, the three portraits, self-portrait, and John Pike recreation I've been trying to complete is just frustrating... damn you, the absence of creativity!
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